10 Tickets Available at a 25% - 30% discount.  See website below for additional information.

NASCAR Monster Semi- Final - $100 (Avondale)

Venue: ISM Raceway

 - Up to ten tickets available for the Sunday, November 10th, race day at a discounted price of only $100. Originally priced at $132.
- Infield passes available at only $67, originally priced at $89
- Package deal, including Ticket and Infield Pass, at cost of $155
- Accepting payment via Zelle, Paypal, CashApp, or Cash 

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Your ticket purchase will be used in support of our mission to provide students and veterans in need of a laptop with one at an affordable cost.  For more info on NASCAR 2019 Race click link below.

Please click link below to learn more about the golf tournament.

Our Work


Founded in 2015, L4L is a nonprofit organization focused on closing the technology divide that exists for the less privileged, while also making affordable technology available to ANY student or veteran.



​L4L has partnered with the  Phoenix Police SRO program to identify at-risk students, who can benefit acadmically, from receiving a laptop.  By creating a network comprised of engaged SRO's, school administrators, counselors and teachers, L4L has succeeded in providing laptops to those students most in need of the educational assistance technology provides.


Laptops 4 Learning Partnership - A Lone Highway Tutoring

Tutoring Available

  • Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) is committed to closing the technology gap for students and veterans seeking to enhance their educational and/or employment opportunities.  In addition to making affordable laptop options available to all students, L4L is partnering with A Lone Highway Tutoring to offer personalized, success-driven online tutoring to students at every grade level.  Help is available in a variety of subjects, including math, English, and Accounting.
  • Whether a student is currently in school, returning to classes, or looking to establish an educational foundation for a non-conventional career path, A Lone Highway Tutoring can offer educational guidance which can be utilized in conjunction with the technology obtained via Laptops 4 Learning.  The introductory tutoring session will be preceded by a brief phone consultation that will assess the student’s needs, in order to define an efficient use of the 60 minute session.  We will utilize Zoom and have a video conference, using resources that the student has, Khan Academy, or other online educational software.  Finally, A Lone Highway Tutoring will provide a synopsis of what topics and strategies the student should focus on, in order to find success in the subject.
  • Affordable technology options and packages available from Laptops 4 Learning and A Lone Highway Tutoring:
  • L4L Entry-level Laptop (stand-alone):  $ 140.00
  • L4L Entry-level Laptop w/60-minute introductory tutoring session: $ 200.00
  • L4L Mid-range Laptop (stand-alone): $ 220.00
  • L4L Mid-range Laptop w/60-minute tutoring session: $ 280.00

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